Overtime!: Patrick Roy's son involved in a fight.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Patrick Roy's son involved in a fight.

The Quebec Junior Hockey League's first round series between the Quebec Remparts and the Chicoutimi Saguenéens promised a heated rivalry. Both teams are definitly arch-rivals and many incidents occured between those two teams in the past.

Saturday evening, the second match of the series was presented in Chicoutimi and with the home team up by the score of 7-1 late into the second period, a brawl developped on the ice. It is obvious that the visiting team was frustrated and wanted to let off some steam. Nothing really exceptionnal and nothing really surprizing up to that point.

But according to some spectators present in the arena and according to some video tape under investigation by the league, the head coach of the Quebec Remparts and ex-NHL legendary goaltender Patrick Roy has presumely invited his own son Jonathan Roy to go thru the lenght of the ice and engage the opposing goaltender, Bobby Nadeau. Nadeau did not want any part of this fight and tried to protect himself the best he could.

The aggression lasted about 25 seconds then Roy, satisfied of himself, left his victim to invectivate the crowd, sending FUs signals to the crowd. A total lack of class from the young goaltender. The league will decide if she will penalize the coach and the goaltender today.

Patrick Roy is in a delicate situation in this one. Not only he is the coach but he is also the father of the player. He is a figure of authority towards his own son and the consequences of this brawl could be painful for Patrick Roy.



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