Overtime!: Canada qualified for the semifinals.
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Canada qualified for the semifinals.

The canadian team had a tough opponent in front of them today as Finland stayed tied with Canada for the most part of the game until Brad Marchand scored the game winning goal halfway into the third period.

Finland scored the first goal of the game during the first period with a long shot from the blue line that fooled canadian goaltender Steve Mason. Canada managed to tie the game thru John Tavares who scored his 4th goal of the tournament on the power play during the second period.

Then into the third period, Canada took the lead with a goal from Steve Stamkos. Then another fluke from Steve Mason allowed Finland to tie the game at 2-2. A puck coming from behind the net hitted the canadian goaltender and ended up in the net.

As the game was being played, some were questionning head coach Craig Hartsburg's decision to send Steve Mason in net instead of Jonathan Bernier. The way Steve Mason performed today will increase the netminders questions to Hartsburg from the press.

Then came Brad Marchand's goal to save the day for Canada with a very precise shot from a bad angle that was just out of reach for Finland's goaltender. Canada added another goal in the empty net.

Final score: Canada 4 - Finland 2.

Canada qualifies for the semifinal match and will face the United States who are still undefeated in this tournament.

(Picture: Canadian Press.)

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