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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bluffers, beware!

I have not played online poker a lot since the last 11 months but it happens that I have some free time lately...

So I started playing online hold em freerolls lately with limited results until last evening.

From a field of 700 players, not only I managed to qualify for the final 10 player table but I was even leading at chipcount for a good part of the late tournament stage. With only 3 players left including myself, I was still the leading stack.

Finally I ended up a only a hair behind the eventual winner, finishing in a respectable 2nd place. A very good result as I followed my pace all tournament long. I was patient but firm and aggressive when I knew I had my opponents behind one way or another.

I really like the PKR.com website. It offers a nice quality of 3D graphics and animations, plus the fact that you can manage to win cash from scratch with their scheduled 5$ and 20$ freerolls.

Follow the text link above, and enter overtime into the promo box and get 100% matching bonus up to 600$! This is a campaign initiated by myself, as a bonus for you.

For the freeroll chasers, winning just one freeroll tournament or finishing in 2nd place like I did is plenty enough to try your luck in the lowest ring tables available on the site.

(Picture: My own chipset.)



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