Overtime!: Brett Favre gets in front of Dan Marino.
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Brett Favre gets in front of Dan Marino.

The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre registered another NFL record as he got past Dan Marino for the most passing yards in career yesterday in a 33-14 victory over the St-Louis Rams.

Favre got past Marino’s 61 361 passing yards mark but once again mentionned to the press that his main focus was to win the game, not the record itself. The Packers now has a shiny 12-2 record, tied with the Dallas Cowboys, who lost to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Both teams will avoid a divisional playoff game and deserved this first round bye in three weeks.

As for the New-England Patriots, they remained undefeated for the season, defeating the New-York Jets by 20-10. Their 14-0 record ties the NFL record for the most wins to start a season.

(Picture: Brett Favre.)



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