Overtime!: Carey Price Saves The Canadiens From A Catastrophy.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Carey Price Saves The Canadiens From A Catastrophy.

The Montreal Canadiens were in Nashville, Tennessee, to face the Predators on Saturday night. The Canadiens played one of the worse game of this decade allowing Nashville to fire 55 times on the net defended by goaltender Carey Price.

Price was fantastic in this game as he managed to stop 53 of those 55 shots in this 2-0 loss. I sincerely hope that all the doubts about Carey Price's talent vanished with this performance. As I stated in an article after an humiliating loss in Vancouver: Carey Price is not the problem.

Saturday night in Nashville, the team in front of Price simply did not show up. The players were watching the Predators circle around them without lifting a finger. The domination was to a point that the Nashville Predators looked like a powerhouse of the NHL.

The lack of effort and character looks to be generalized and everyone knows that you cannot win hockey games on a regular basis without putting some serious effort during practice session and during games. Head coach Jacques Martin has the duty to raise the minimum effort given by his players.

The Canadiens will play their next game on Tuesday night against the Carolina Hurricanes.

(Picture: Carey Price, Canadian Press.)

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