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Monday, March 09, 2009

Guy Carbonneau fired.

This afternoon, a shocking news came down from the Montreal Canadiens General Manager, Bob Gainey. The GM decided today to fire his head coach Guy Carbonneau.

I will not beat around the bush here. I am totally in shock and am furious about this decision. In my humble opinion, the team's struggles this season are not the head coach's fault. If someone's to blame, we should turn towards the General Manager Bob Gainey who wasn't able to give his head coach the tools to succeed.

To add some oil on the fire, just a couple of months ago, Gainey told the press that his most important acquisition in his current mandate as GM of the Canadiens was the addition of Guy Carbonneau with the team. Was this statement a blatent lie towards the Canadiens fans?

If we look at Carbonneau's record as the Canadiens head coach, we can hardly blame him. Just last season, the Canadiens completed the regular season atop of the Eastern conference and Carbonneau finished second for the Jack adams trophy awarded to the best coach of the NHL. Carbonneau was also behind the bench along with Claude Julien at the 2009 All-Star game.

Bob Gainey himself will act as head coach for the remainder of the regular season. Should the team fail to qualify in the playoffs this season, many fans, including myself, will claim Gainey's head.

(Picture: Guy Carbonneau, Getty Images.)

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Blogger stars21 said...

I could not agree more!! Carbonneau's dedication, effort and heart were present behind the bench. Too bad he couldn't be on the ice too!!!

9:30 AM  

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