Overtime!: Montreal Canadiens: Ryan Miller and Vesa Toskala beat Carey Price.
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Montreal Canadiens: Ryan Miller and Vesa Toskala beat Carey Price.

The Montreal Canadiens lost their last two games this week. First to the Buffalo Sabres by the score of 3-2 and again tonight, facing the Toronto Maple Leafs, 5-2.

There has been a strong link between those two losses: Canadiens' goaltender Carey Price got clearly beat by the opposing net minder. The sophomore goaltender is handing gifts to the left, to the right, and upstairs lately.

Once again, I will state a reality clearly. The goaltending level in the NHL has been declining for a couple of years already. Many basic mistakes are made around with many NHL goaltenders. The use of the goaltender's stick to cut passes and plays around the net is almost extinct in the NHL. The elite number of goalies in the NHL that really covers all of those aspects does not stand on more than one hand.

But back towards Carey Price again, his ''coolness'' in net is now really a problem. Many easy saves end up in goals for this reason. That ''coolness'' turns up in laziness sooner or later. Also, not many reflex saves are made by Price.

And when was the last time you saw Carey ''flash the leather'' on an opponent? Oh sorry, he's too cool for that...

The Canadiens will now go to the west coast to play a series of games on the road. The Flames, the Oilers, the Avalanche, the Canucks, the Capitals and the Penguins will host. This trip will definitely be a strong indicator of the direction the Montreal Canadiens will go in the Eastern conference standings.

(Picture: Carey Price, Getty Images.)

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