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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Championship sunday.

Today, the NFC and AFC championship games will be played in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Baltimore Ravens while the Arizona Cardinals will host the Philadelphia Eagles.

First in Arizona, the Philadelphia Eagles will try to get rid of the Cinderella team of those playoffs, the Arizona Cardinals and their revived quarterback Kurt Warner. Philadelphia's QB, Donovan McNabb is looking at his second Super Bowl appearance.

I think that this game will be based on offense as both these teams have recently produced a lot of offense. The Cardinals have nothing to lose and will go into this game with the feeling that they have a legitimate shot at their very first Super Bowl appearance.

For the second game of the day, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens will clash as both of these organizations are known for their tough defensive corp. Ray Lewis and the Ravens will try to stop the Steelers offense while rookie QB Joe Flacco will have to face the ''Steel curtain''. Flacco is the very first rookie quarterback to win two playoff games in a row.

This game could also become a field goal competition. The game could also be out of reach quickly should one of these two teams take a ten point lead early into the game.

So get the beer and nachos ready, this is Championship sunday!

(Picture: Donovan McNabb.)



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