Overtime!: Stanley Cup final: Red Wings blanks the Penguins again.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stanley Cup final: Red Wings blanks the Penguins again.

Yesterday, game two of the Stanley Cup final was presented at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The Detroit Red Wings, after defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins with ease by the score of 4-0 during game one of the series, played an even better game as they only left bits to their opponents.

During the first period, defense-men Brad Stuart scored his first goal of the playoffs as he opened the score for the Wings with a shot on Marc-André Fleury's stick side. Only a few minutes later, after a turnover committed by the Penguins defense, Henrik Zetterberg's shot was partially blocked by the Penguins' goaltender. Tomas Holmstrom pushed the loose puck over the goal line to double the Wings lead.

Valteri Fillipula completed the score during the third period with a spectacular individual play. As Fillipula was hooked down by defense-men Christopher Letang, the Finn managed to beat Fleury and extinguish any hope for a comeback.

Final score: Detroit Red Wings 3 - Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (Detroit leads the series by 2-0)

The Red Wings domination this far in the series is impressive. The Penguins' talented offense has been completely neutralized during the first two games. What was supposed to be an offensive showdown between the two finalists turns out to be a Wings complete lockdown. Once Detroit took a one or two goal lead during the first two games, the team completely closed the game, reducing the Penguins scoring chances to the minimum. Boring for hockey fans, but very effective...

Game three will be played wednesday at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.

(Picture: Valteri Fillipula, Getty Images.)



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