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Friday, February 08, 2008

Don't worry, be happy!

We interact with dozens of people everyday, some are clients, some other are our neighbors, we also interact with our rivals and competitors. We also interact with total strangers each and every day.

Each and everyone of us cross path with angry people, unhappy people. Some of them let their everyday problems affect their general humor. There are others who constantly look unhappy or angry. We can apply this principle to any layer of the society.

In the NHL, I bet that Chris Simon could learn a thing or two by working on himself a bit. His level of anger on the ice has become dangerous for other players forcing the league to ban him for one third of the current season.

THIS is for those who want to stop seeing life for it's bad sides and start looking on the bright side. I personally know people that should work on their natural happiness level. Every aspect of their lives would be changed with only little work.

In many cases the way to happiness is only a matter of focusing on a few principles like beingness presence awareness.

Those three principles were the main focus of a recent retreat and coach training. Those principles are part of the happiness wave contained in The Sedona Method.

What is The Sedona Method? It is a motivational movement sweeping the planet. Actress Mariel Hemingway and the author Marci Shimoff love The Sedona Method. To complement this happiness wave, Marci Shimoff wrote a book called Happy for no reason.

Many other pieces were written as The Sedona Method has been spreaded since around 30 years already. A free CD and DVD can give you a great hint on the tone of the teachings. Other pieces concerning the four different life-changing courses within The Sedona Method are available.

If you or someone you know could benefit of this method, don't hesitate and send them to www.sedona.com.

(Picture: Chris Simon.)


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