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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or treat?

The Montreal Canadiens tricked the Ottawa Senators yesterday 4-2 at the Bell Centre. The crowd was mainly disguised in a mix of creepy monsters and were very loud for the whole lenght of the game. Montreal's goaltender David Aebisher treated the fans with a superb performance in goal as he made multiple difficult saves to keep the team ahead in the game.

Among the treats for the fans: Chris Higgins scored another shorthanded goal (leading the league with 3 SHG this season), and almost added another one seconds after during the same penalty. His goal totally broke Ottawa's rythm.

Montreal's penalty killing went a perfect 8/8 including a 3 on 5. Rookie Guillaume Latendresse almost scored his first NHL goal in the 1st period hitting the post on a powerful slapshot, but played his best game of the season distributing heavy hits during the whole lenght of the game.

***The Carbonneau effect part II***

Montreal's penalty killing is ranked 3rd in the NHL with 91.6% after 11 games. The 6-2-3 record is no surprise with performances like this. He also fixed the Habs 2nd line by putting Alex Kovalev in the center of the line. The russian line formed of Samsonov-Kovalev-Perezhogin did well for a second game in a row, scoring an important goal in the 2nd period to put the game away from the Sens. With only 11 games at the head of the team, he shows that he knows what ice hockey is all about and makes sure that his team works hard game in and game out.

Next game for Montreal will be on the road against the defending Stanley Cup champions Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday.


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