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Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Fake or not?

Here is a spectacular clip promoting the game FIFA Street 3. The players show some impressive ball handling and striking in this clip. Are those players highly skilled or is it a video montage?


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Arrest warrant on Guy Lafleur.

Yesterday, an arrest warrant was emitted to a former member of the Montreal Canadiens and NHL legend Guy Lafleur for contradictory statements in court.

Guy Lafleur's son, Mark Lafleur, was on probation under conditions as he is filed for 22 different criminal charges committed between 2004 and 2007, including possession and distribution of narcotics, kidnapping, physical and sexual assault on a teenager.

Among the conditions of Mark Lafleur, one of them stated that he should stay at his father's residence during the night. A condition that is now proven to have been broken twice in october of 2007 when Guy Lafleur himself drove his son at a hotel for him to meet his new 16-year old girlfriend in privacy.

When asked in court about those events, Lafleur denied and tried to protect his son. A big mistake. Now Guy Lafleur himself is dragged in front of justice, a story that is becoming sour for Montreal's ex-number 10.

The warrant will be effective on friday morning but Lafleur will meet the police early this morning. Lafleur's lawyer is furious about the fact that the justice system issued a warrant on him. The lawyer thinks that to issue a warrant you must fear for the security of the population or plan to leave the country, two things unthinkable about Guy Lafleur. Lafleur's lawyer thinks that a warrant was not necessary, even abusive in this case.

The story is hurting Guy Lafleur's image and is very sad. He was dragged in trouble little by little by his own son. The man was always known to be frank and I am convinced that he will face his responsabilities.

Any fault and punishment awarded to him in this story remains to be known.

(Picture: Mark and Guy Lafleur, Canadian press.)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to work.

Many NHL teams were back in action yesterday for the final stretch of the regular season. The Montreal Canadiens hosted the Washington Capitals yesterday evening at the Bell centre.

After the All-Star game break allowed to the players, the Canadiens head coach Guy Carbonneau was a bit worried. The four days of inactivity could affect his players negatively. The team was on an interesting streak before the break and Carbonneau wanted to make sure that the winning sequence would continue after the break.

Montreal did not waste any time to put the game out of reach. Mark Streit opened the score during a power play with a precise shot from the blue line. The game breaker came a bit later as the Capitals were working on a 2-man advantage. Tomas Plekanec intercepted a rink-wide pass and went thru the defense untouched. As he was skating towards the net, the penalty to Sergei Kostitsyn ended and both players were alone with the Caps goaltender, Brent Johnson. Plekanec passed the puck to the young rookie who scored his fourth goal of the season. Saku Koivu scored a third goal for Montreal before the end of the first period.

Alex Kovalev added another goal for Montreal while goaltender Christobal Huet stopped 35 shots to register his second shutout of the season.

Final score: Montreal Canadiens 4 - Washington Capitals 0.

The two teams will meet again on thrusday in Washington. Combined with an Ottawa victory, the Canadiens remain only six points behind the conference leaders. Montreal has a record of 7-2-1 in their last ten games.

(Picture: The Montreal Canadiens, Canadian Press.)


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Honda presents the RA108.

(click on images to enlarge)

Today at the Brackley factory, United Kingdom, Honda presented the RA108, the 2008 version of their Formula One race car.

After a catastrophic 2007 season, the Honda Formula One team is looking to rebound from the bottom of the standings. The team cannot do worse in all honesty. A marginal team like Toro Rosso finished in front of Honda in the standings last season. A very bad result for such a known brand like Honda.

Both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello will be back with the team for 2008 and are established pilots within the team and on the Formula One circuit itself. If indeed the 2008 version of the car really has something to give, the drivers should be able to score points on a regular basis. As for Jenson Button he is somewhat confident for himself as he predicts a serious run at the 2009 title.

As for the car’s general look, a brand new color design was presented. From the plain solid green and blue colors of last season, this year the car has a white base with lighter green and blue colors.

I also note the sharp angles on the back of the front wing. Two other angled pieces are found behind the front wheels of the car. Those shaped parts are the result of the work done in Honda’s wind tunnels. As for their efficiency, we will be able to judge by ourselves after a few races.

The hiring of Ross Brawn, who worked many seasons with Ferrari, was a necessity for Honda. With the car losing ground versus all the elite teams, a serious change of philosophy was required. The RA108 will carry Brawn’s contributions to the Honda racing team.

What can we expect from Honda’s race cars in 2008? We should see an improovement, that is not very difficult in fact. But one or two podium finishes during the season would be a proof of real improovement. In the past years, the Honda engine was ordinary. Nothing really exciting about it was ever mentionned, so do not expect a major improovement from the Honda engine itself. The aerodynamics and the car’s balance are more important issues for the team in 2008.

(Pictures: The Honda RA108, Honda F1.)


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Ric Flair: Still stylin and profilin.

Just a few weeks ago, the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, has put a stranglehold on Ric Flair's legendary career. McMahon stated that Flair's next loss will mean the end of his career.

Each and every week, the challenges sent towards the wrestler from Charlotte, North Carolina are getting tougher and tougher. Until last sunday's Royal Rumble, Flair managed to keep his head out of the water by avoiding the career-ending defeat. Even the great Triple H failed to inflict a loss to the Nature Boy during Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago.

But at the Royal Rumble, Montel Vontavious Porter, (MVP) the reigning United States champion was standing on Ric Flair's path. I thought that this matchup was too much for the veteran wrestler. But against all odds, Ric Flair took every shot from his opponent and managed to lock in his figure four leg lock in the center of the ring.

MVP had to tap out, unable to deal with the painful hold. (Yes the figure four is a painful hold. I tried it on my younger brother a couple of times when I was a kid. Don't try this kids.) ;)

Flair's career was safe for at least another week. Once again, the dirtyest player in the game found a way to avoid the ultimate loss at sunday's Royal Rumble.

Let's face it, the 16-time world champion cannot go thru 2008 without losing a match. He will sooner or later lose a match and retire during the year. Ladies and gentlemens, we are taking your bets: Who will end Ric Flair's legendary career?

For those of you who are not familiar with Ric Flair's career accomplishments, here is a list of his championships won during the last four decades:

WWE Championship (2 times)
1/19/1992, Royal Rumble: won 30-man Royal Rumble for vacant title
9/1/1992: def. Randy Savage

WCW Championship (6 times)
12/27/1993, Starrcade: def. Vader
12/27/1995, Starrcade: def. Randy Savage
2/11/1996, SuperBrawl: def. Randy Savage
3/16/1999, Uncensored: def. Hollywood Hogan
5/15/2000, Nitro: def. Jeff Jarrett
5/29/2000, Nitro: awarded from Kevin Nash

NWA World Heavyweight Championship (8 times)
9/17/1981: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/24/1983, Starrcade: def. Harley Race
5/24/1984: def. Kerry von Erich
8/7/1986: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/26/1987, Starrcade: def. Ron Garvin
5/7/89, WrestleWar: def. Ricky Steamboat
1/11/1991: def. Sting (became officially recognized as WCW Championship)
7/18/1993, Beach Blast: def. Barry Windham

Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
9/18/2005: def. Carlito

United States Championship (5 times)
7/29/1977: def. Bobo Brazil
4/9/1978: def. Mr. Wrestling
4/1/1980: def. Ricky Steamboat
4/19/1980: def. Jimmy Snuka
7/7/1996, Bash at the Beach: def. Konnan

World Tag Team Championship (3 times)
12/14/2003, Armageddon: w/Batista, def. the Dudleys (Tag Team Turmoil)
3/22/2004, RAW: w/Batista, def. Booker T & Rob Van Dam
11/5/2006, Cyber Sunday: w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper, def. Spirit Squad

(Pictures: Ric Flair and MVP vs Flair, WWE.com)


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Monday, January 28, 2008

NHL All-Star game: Eastern conference wins 8-7.

The NHL presented the 2008 All-Star game yesterday in Atlanta. Many important players missed the match.

Sidney Crosby and Dany Heatley were not present to the annual classic because of injuries while star goaltenders Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo decided to stay home. Both goaltenders wanted to avoid an injury with the barrage of shots the goaltenders have to face during those games. A very discutable decision from both goaltenders. Both Brodeur and Luongo were voted in by the fans.

The 18 644 fans gathered at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta were showered with a lot of goals scored. Rick Nash opened the score for the Western conference team only 12 seconds after the initial puck drop, a new All-Star game record. The old record of 19 seconds was held by Ted Lindsay since 1950.

The Eastern conference led by 5-1 after the first period but lost their lead as the game went on. Late into the third period, the score was tied again at 7-7. Marc Savard scored the winning goal for the Eastern conference with only 21 seconds to go to the match.

Eric Staal was named the player of the match with his offensive production of two goals and an assist on the winning goal by Savard.

The annual classic will move to Montreal next year. The Canadiens will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the club next year and the NHL decided to award to the city the All-Star game for the occasion.

(Picture: Eric Staal, Canadian Press.)


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australian Open: Djokovic champion.

For the first time in three years, there was no Roger Federer and no Rafael Nadal for the final of a grand slam tournament. Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga battled today for the first grand slam title of the season, the 2008 Australian Open.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looked a bit less nervous than his opponent early in the match. He managed to break Djokovic's serve and held on to his lead. But the first set won by the frenchmen was the wake up call for Djokovic who had not lost a single set in the tournament until that point.

From the second half of the second set, Novak Djokovic found his A-game and started to dominate the play. Djokovic won the second, third and fourth set on his way to a first grand slam title in career. The match ended in the tie-breaker of the fourth set, Novak Djokovic victorious by 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 and 7-6 (7-2).

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who was ranked 38th in the world before the beginning of the tournament will see his rank improove all the way to the 18th spot. His great run in this Open propells him towards tennis stardom. Let's not forget that it was only his 5th grand slam tournament in career. There are probably many more great moments ahead of him. Tsonga congratulated the winner and thanked him for the hard battle.

For Novak Djokovic, a first grand slam title is a first step towards his confessed wish to be ranked No1 in the world someday. To win the title, Djokovic defeated the actual No1 player in the world. He will need a couple more wins over Roger Federer to get to the No1 rank. For now, Djokovic does not improoves his world rank and stays the No3 in the world.

Congratulations Novak.

(Picture: Novak Djokovic, Getty images.)


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet Plen, the sporty robot.

I have just seen this robot on You Tube today. His name is Plen and he sure beats his ancestors with his great balance.

The skills demonstrated by Plen are very interesting. He can stand on one feet and open his arms while rolling. Plen can also get back on his feet from a sitting position or from laying on his back.The robot does fairly well on a skateboard and looks very good on his skates.

Just push play to view what Plen is capable of.


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Australian Open: Sharapova champion.

Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic were playing for the Australian Open championship, the first grand slam title of 2008. Both players had knocked off top contenders like Justine Henin and Serena Williams along the way and both deserved to be there.

In a very disputed first set, Sharapova managed to edge Ivanovic wih a break of serve late in the set. The second set went smoother for the russian athlete, increasing her pressure on her opponent.

Maria Sharapova did not lose a single set on her way to her 3rd grand slam title in career. A 7-5 and 6-3 victory for Maria Sharapova is now registered in the books.

With her 2004 Wimbledon title and her 2006 triumph at the U.S. Open, the only major championship missing on Sharapova’s trophy case is Roland-Garros.

You can all forget Anna Kournikova’s name guys. Maria Sharapova combines beauty, class and talent. With the first grand slam tournament of the year in the bag, she could very soon be ranked No1 in the world. Of course, Roland-Garros will be the next big challenge on Maria’s list. The actual No1 Justine Henin has better watch out come French Open and Wimbledon or she could see Maria’s little fist pump again...

(Picture: Maria Sharapova, Getty images.)


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Friday, January 25, 2008

Escape the winter! Go to Key West!

Many years ago, as I was still a kid, my parents along with my brother went on a series of trips down south during three consecutive winters.

We just hopped in the good old Ford Elite on our first real family trip (it was a brown Ford Elite with a vinyl top, gosh! we rented a RV the following years) and we went from the province of Quebec, heading full south, down the east coast of the United States, and towards hotter temperatures...

We made many stops: New-York, Boston, Atlantic city, Atlanta. We rolled all the way down until the sunshine state. Jacksonville, Daytona beach, Orlando, Miami and all the way to Key West. We stopped and rented a cabin for a whole week. It was a blast.

Key West is unforgettable for it's sunsets. Seeing the big orange ball of fire sink in the waters is a spectacle itself. The place is not noisy and was a great choice of destination from my father. We simply experienced a perfect vacation. I strongly suggest visiting Key West to anyone who is looking for something different in the U.S.

If this sounds like a good idea to you for a family getaway, or if you have a different U.S. destination in mind, take a look at Trusted Tours & Attractions' website. The company specializes in sightseeing tours and offers many great destinations including beautiful Key West.

Trusted Tours & Attractions also has a newsletter. Signing up for their newsletter for a limited time will give you the opportunity to win a handheld GPS!

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Australian Open: Djokovic qualifies for the final.

The No1 player in the world, Roger Federer, was stopped in his quest for a 11th straight grand slam final by Novak Djokovic from Serbia today.

The tall Serbian eliminated Federer during the semifinal match in three straight sets of 7-5, 6-3 and 7-6 (7-5). Novak Djokovic has been qualified in a second consecutive grand slam final. He has played in the finals of the 2007 U.S. Open, a final that he lost to Roger Federer.

Neither of the 2008 Australian open finalists have won a grand slam title in career.

Who will grasp the first grand slam title of 2008? Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Novak Djokovic? We will have an answer this sunday.

(Picture: Novak Djokovic, Canadian Press.)


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There is something in the air.

Yes, there is something in the air. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the New-Jersey Devils on their own ice, a thing that the Habs haven’t done since February 5th 2002.

Before the start of the game yesterday, Montreal had a record of 1 win 21 losses and 4 ties at their last 26 games on the Devils’ home ice.

The first period looked just like the 26 previous meetings between the two teams. Montreal was dominated by the Devils who took a 1-0 lead on Patrick Elias’ first goal of the game. Elias scored another time early into the second period and doubled the Devils lead. At this point, nothing special: the Devils led the Habs as usual.

Bryan Smolinski opened the score for Montreal before the end of the second period but the team allowed another goal to the Devils as Jamie Langenbrunner put one past Habs’ goaltender Christobal Huet. The Devils led 3-1 after two periods.

The Habs then completely dominated the match during the third period. Montreal registered 20 shots on Martin Brodeur’s net while New-Jersey only managed to shoot three times on Huet’s goal.

Bryan Smolinski scored his second goal of the game early into the third period to reduce the Devils lead to only a single goal. Then Saku Koivu tied the game at 3-3 halfway into the third when he deflected a high shot from the blue line. Christopher Higgins completed the comeback when he sent a loose puck behind Brodeur for the winning score.

Final score: Montreal Canadiens 4 - New-Jersey Devils 3.

Yes, there is something special with the Canadiens this season. The team was able to come back from a two goal deficit against the Devils. A thing that none of the past five editions of the team was able to do. The team is steadily keeping the pace towards the playoffs and could have more things in store until the end. Montreal is only six points behind the powerful Ottawa Senators.

The team will have four days of rest for the All-Star game break before hosting the Washington Capitals on tuesday.

(Picture: The Montreal Canadiens, Getty images.)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kovalchuk suspended for one game.

The Atlanta Thrashers forward Ilya Kovalchuk has been suspended for one game for hitting Michal Roszival from behind in a game between the New-York Rangers and the Atlanta Trashers earlier this week.

Kovalchuk jumped and left the ice with his skates before hitting his opponent. The referee sent the player out of the game with a five minutes penalty and a game misconduct.

A couple of images of the incident:


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Australian Open: Tsonga defeats Nadal.

The frenchmen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga eliminated Rafael Nadal in three straight sets of 6-2, 6-3 and 6-2 today to qualify to the 2008 Australian open final.

Tsonga, 22 years old and ranked 38th in the world, qualified to a grand slam final for the first time of his career. This tournament is only his 5th participation to a grand slam event in career.

His level of play did not give any chance to Rafael Nadal who had to play way behind his back line. More times than other, Nadal was pushed on defensive mode. Tsonga was spectacular at the net, winning around 75% of the points on his volley.

The road of the frenchmen was not an easy one as he had to go thru players like Andy Murray, Richard Gasquet and Mikhail Youzhny before upsetting the No2 in the world, Rafael Nadal in the semis. He is the first french player to qualify to a grand slam final since Arnaud Clement in 2001.

The second semifinal of the Australian open will oppose Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

(Picture: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Getty images.)


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Federer defeats Blake.

The No1 player in the world, Roger Federer, qualified for the semifinals of the Australian open today with a victory in three sets over the american James Blake.

An anxious Federer was on the court today as he shown a few signs of impatience during his match today.

But Federer did not lose a set in front of James Blake and won by 7-5, 7-6 and 6-4. The match was decided on a handfull of points during the first two sets as both players were involved in a close match. Federer capitalized on his chances on his way to the semis.

Roger Federer will face Novak Djokovic in the semifinal match. Djokovic has been playing very well during the tournament and will be a serious opponent for Roger. Even with a loss in the semifinals, Federer would still be ranked No1 in the world after the Australian open.

(Picture: Roger Federer, Canadian Press.)


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Another win versus the Bruins.

The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins once again this season. This time, a convincing 8-2 victory was in store for the fans gathered at the Bell centre. Montreal has now won the last nine meetings with the Bruins.

The line changes performed by head coach Guy Carbonneau gave very good results. The Habs dominated the game from start to finish. It took only 14 seconds to score the first goal of the evening.

Michael Ryder scored his eight goal of the season during the first period while Tom Kostopoulos scored twice and was named the first star of the game. Andrei Kostitsyn, Mike Komisarek and Bryan Smolinski also scored for Montreal. The four offensive lines rearranged by Guy Carbonneau gave very good results, now we will wait and see if they fall back to a slump once again.

Boston’s goaltenders Alex Auld and Tim Thomas could do nothing to stop Montreal from scoring at will. The Bruins have lost six straight games versus the Habs this season. If we consider that Boston has lost a total of 19 games in regulation this far this season, Montreal represents nearly 33% of Boston’s losses.

The Canadiens will play the New-Jersey Devils on thursday evening. This is the team’s last game before the All-Star game break.

(Picture: The Montreal Canadiens, Getty images.)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Australian Open: Hantuchova in the semis.

Daniela Hantuchova (9) from Slovakia has qualified herself to a grand slam semifinal match for the first time in career. She defeated Agnieszka Radwanska in two identical sets of 6-2 and 6-2 to advance.

Hantuchova is now in the 2008 Australian open semis. After losing three times at the quarterfinal stage in grand slam events in her career, Hantuchova is now two wins away from a grand slam title. She will face Ana Ivanovich (4) in the semis.

An anticipated match today will be the quarterfinal match between Roger Federer (1) and James Blake. Roger was tested a few days ago as he had to play a five set match to advance.

(Picture: Daniela Hantuchova, Canadian Press.)


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Carbonneau plays Switcheroo.

The Montreal Canadiens’ head coach, Guy Carbonneau, has modified his offensive lines once again and really looks like he is playing a good old game of ’’Switcheroo’’.

So at the team practice yesterday, the team captain, Saku Koivu was reunited with wingers Michael Ryder and Christopher Higgins.

The three players are in a slump. Koivu has scored three goals in his last 27 games while Higgins has only two goals in his last 19 games. Let’s not forget Michael Ryder who also has his share of problems with only seven goals this season.

The coach’s decision to once again modify the offensive lines is another attempt to get the three players going and producing at the rate they are capable of. This season after a change in the Canadiens lines, the team usually respond well for a couple of games before falling progressively into another slump.

So will the switch be enough to shake things up for the better? We will have a part of the answer tonight as Montreal hosts the Boston Bruins. Montreal will try to extend it’s winning streak to nine games versus the Bruins.

(Picture: The switcheroo, The Price is Right.)

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Maria Sharapova defeats Henin.

The number one ranked player is no longer in the hunt for the first grand slam title of 2008. Maria Sharapova (5) defeated Justine Henin (1) a few hours ago in two sets of 6-4 and 6-0.

Justine Henin loses a first match after 32 straight victories. She did not lose a match since the semifinals of Wimbledon in july 2007.

The russian will play Jelena Jankovic who defeated the defending champion, Serena Williams in quarterfinals. Both players will meet for the first time at the semifinals of the Australian open. It is already the fourth semifinal in career at the open for Sharapova.

Rafael Nadal qualified for the semifinals of the Australian open for the first time in his career as he defeated Jarkko Nieminen in three sets of 7-5, 6-3 and 6-1. Rafa will play in the next round the winner of the quarterfinal match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Mikhail Youzhny (14)

(Picture: Maria Sharapova, Getty images.)


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Australian Open: Serena Williams falls in quarterfinals.

A new champion will be crowned on the womens side of the 2008 Australian open.

The defending champion, Serena Williams was defeated in two sets of 6-3 and 6-2 today. Jelena Jankovic from Serbia moves on to the semifinal match of the open.

The 36 unforced errors from Serena explains the quick two set elimination. Jankovic is now waiting for the winner of the match between Justine Henin (1) and Maria Sharapova (5).

Serena Williams eliminated Jelena Jankovic last year on her way to the title.

Many matches are to be played in the coming hours. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer among others are scheduled to play soon.

(Picture: Jelena Jankovic.)


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Championship sunday in the NFL.

Yesterday was the presentation of the NFC and AFC championship games. The winner of both games have now a shot at Super Bowl XLII on next February 3rd.

The AFC championship game was presented first as the San Diego Chargers were in Foxboro to play the undefeated New England Patriots. The Chargers were affected by many injuries to key players coming into the game.

Quarterback Philip Rivers, running back LaDainian Tomlinson and tight end Antonio Gates had to play thru pain. Tomlinson only lasted a couple of plays as he was forced to watch from the sidelines, unable to contribute for his team. Philip Rivers had to wear a knee brace and it really minimized his mobility. The Chargers tried all they could but only managed four field goals from kicker Nate Kaeding during the game.

The Patriots scored three touchdowns on their way to a victory. Tom Brady threw for 209 yards but was intercepted three times by the stingy Chargers defense.

Lawrence Maroney opened the score for the Patriots with a 1-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Jabar Gaffney and Wes Welker scored during the second half to secure the 18th victory of the season for the Patriots.

Final score: New England Patriots 21 - San Diego Chargers 12.

New England head coach Bill Belichick will have a chance to tie the NFL record of four Super Bowl rings in two weeks.

The NFC championship was played on the frozen tundra of Lambeau field. the Green Bay Packers hosted the New-York Giants in a sub-zero matchup. The weather was very cold, in fact the second coldest ever at Lambeau but a great match was played despite the elements.

Both teams exchanged the lead during the course of the game. First the Giants took a 6-0 lead with two field goals from Lawrence Tynes. Then Brett Favre and the Packers responded with a 90-yard touchdown play to Donald Driver put the Pack in front for the first time by 7-6.

The Pack lead 10-6 at the half but the best was kept for the second half. Both teams exchanged scores until the game went tied at 20-20 late into the fourth quarter.

In a nailbiter ending for the Green Bay fans, Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes gave a few more grey hairs to his coach when he missed two field goal attempts, failing to clinch a berth into Super Bowl XLII during regulation.

An overtime period was needed and the Packers won the rights to get the ball first. But at his first passing attempt, Brett Favre committed a fault and threw a fatal interception. Lawrence Tynes converted a 47-yard field goal to clich the game for the New-York Giants.

Final score: New-York Giants 23 - Green Bay Packers 20 (overtime)

A heartbreaker for the great champion that Brett Favre is. He had given Packers fans a great run this season.

Super Bowl XLII will be played in Arizona on February 3rd. The New-York Giants will play the New England Patriots. The Pats will have the opportunity to complete the season with a flawless 19-0 record. Eli Manning and the Giants will clearly be considered as the underdogs in this one.

(Pictures: Junior Seau and Eli Manning, Getty images.)


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Habs can’t score on the one-legged Penguin.

The Montreal Canadiens hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Bell centre tonight.

The Penguin is now forced to walk with only on one leg with the loss of the franchise player, Sidney Crosby, to a high ankle sprain injury suffered yesterday. Crosby is expected to miss several weeks, a crushing blow for the team.

The Canadiens’ offense has a hard time at home since the start of the 07-08 season. Tonight, Penguins’ goaltender Dany Sabourin was perfect as he stopped the 31 shots sent towards his net.

The team record at home for Montreal is among the worse in the league. The team is trying to score the picture perfect goal at home too much and is wasting great scoring chances. The Habs scored only one goal on the power play in the last four games, also trying to score highlight reel goals.

The solution is without any doubt within the team. The team is not trying to please anyone away from the Bell centre and wins more games doing so.

The winning goal of the game was scored during the first period of the game. Georges Laraque protected the puck with his body behind Christobal Huet’s net, then sent the puck to Jeff Taffe for the goal. Evgeni Malkin scored an insurance goal during the last minute of the game.

Final score: Pittsburgh Penguins 2 - Montreal Canadiens 0.

The Penguins also lost Colby Armstrong during tonight’s game as he went sliding into the boards. The hurt Penguins played a solid defensive game. They clearly focused on team defense and intensity on each and every shift. With Crosby out for several weeks, the Penguins will need the contribution from every player to keep the pace with the Top 8 teams of the Eastern Conference.

The streaking Boston Bruins will visit the Canadiens on tuesday. Montreal won the last eight games versus Boston.

(Picture: Georges Laraque, Getty images.)


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Costly defeat.

The Pittsburgh Penguins lost 3-0 tonight to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The result of the game itself is not a big deal but when a star player like Sidney Crosby hurts himself during the game, it becomes a big deal for the Penguins.

During the first period, after being tripped by Tampa's defensemen Paul Ranger, Crosby slid towards the boards laying on his back. His feets hitted the boards and his knees bent on the impact. Helped towards the lockeroom by Pittsburgh's medical staff members, Crosby painfully left the ice and never came back to the game.

An early report states a ligament torn in his right ankle. A similar injury suffered by Pittsburgh's goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. Fleury is missing action since December 6th. Sidney should miss tomorrow's matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and the Penguins at the Bell centre tomorrow evening.

This is a huge loss for the Penguins and the league. The All-Star game is coming next week and without ''Sid the kid'' in the Eastern Conference lineup, the show cannot be the same.

The loss to Tampa tonight also ends Ty Conklin's amazing streak of 10-0-1 in his first 11 starts in net for the Penguins. The goaltender was phenomenal for any fantasy player but things could change now.

(Picture: Sidney Crosby, Getty images.)


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Etienne Boulay under contract with the Jets.

The Montreal Alouettes' safety, Etienne Boulay has signed a NFL contract with the New-York Jets earlier today.

Boulay had a tryout with the Buffalo Bills earlier this week but without any follow up. The Jets decided to take a chance and hired the 24-year-old player. Boulay might be a bit short for the NFL at only 5 foot and 9 inches but as the saying goes, never say never.

His football background includes american college experience with New Hampshire college and a 2-year experience in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes. In his second year as an Alouette, a tough one for the player who had to fight off injuries, Boulay registered 28 tackles and 3 interceptions.

If Boulay is rejected after the next New-York Jets training camp, he will have the option to stay with the training squad of the New-York Jets or return home with the Montreal Alouettes.

(Picture: Etienne Boulay, RDS.ca)


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Paintball addicts: Get your gear at Ultimate Paintball.

paintball is an indoor/outdoor game (some call it a sport) that has been growing steadily over the last two decades. One of my ex-roomate is an addict of this game and usually goes for a game at least six or seven times a year.

I have never played a paintball match myself but I bet it is truly exciting. The team work and communication involved in the activity in order to win over your opponents is essential. And the right equipment gives you an edge, of course.

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This message was sponsored by Ultimate Paintball.

(Picture: The Tippinators, Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League.)

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Rick Nash, spectacular goal!

This goal was scored yesterday by Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets. A stickhandling lesson. Just push play and enjoy...


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6 out of 8.

The Montreal Canadiens finished a four game trip in Atlanta yesterday on a good note. A 3-2 victory versus the Atlanta Trashers allowed Montreal to head back home with 3 wins out of 4 games on the road.

Marian Hossa scored his 20th goal of the season to give the lead to Atlanta late in the first period. Montreal had many good scoring chances during the first frame but goaltender Kari Lehtonen was in good shape and held the Habs scoreless after one.

Andrei Kostitsyn tied the game at 1-1 with his 12th goal of the season. A highlight reel goal as he splitted the defense with great stickhandling to finally beat Lehtonen with a backhanded shot.

Montreal took a 2-1 lead when Michael Ryder deflected a pass from Guillaume Latendresse in Atlanta’s net. At this point, the Canadiens was in total control on their way to a win. But halfway into the third, a lack of communication between goaltender Christobal Huet and his defensemen allowed Atlanta to strip the puck from the goalie who was out of his net. Pascal Dupuis tied the game at 2-2 on the play. Nobody scored the winning goal during the overtime period, sending both teams in the shootout session.

Huet closed the door during the shootout while Kostitsyn and Koivu both lit the lamp behind Lehtonen, giving the victory to the Canadiens. For the first time this season, the Habs were able to win a game as they were trailing after the first period.

Montreal will host Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins saturday.

(Picture: The Montreal Canadiens, Canadian Press.)


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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Red Bull racing presents the RB4.

(click on images to enlarge.)

The Red Bull racing team presented their new race car yesterday, the RB4. The press was invited in the stands of the Jerez, Spain racetrack.

Adrian Newey, technical director of Red Bull racing, affirmed that the RB4 should be able to finish more races compared to last season. According to Newey, the evolutions made to the car should allow more points scored by the pilots David Coulthard and Mark Webber.

The owner of Red Bull racing, Dietrich Mateschitz, has set very high objectives for the team: to finish third in the constructors championship. Mateschitz thinks that the RB4 should battle with the BMW-Sauber, the Williams and the Renault. The owner thinks that his team should score a couple of podiums in 2008 and maybe win a race in 2009.

Those objectives are really very optimistic. Red Bull racing is one of the middle plateau teams and a place in the points in a majority of the races would be a notable improovement. Last season, the hydraulics and the gearbox were the main sources of retirements for the RB3. The team engineers focused on those parts and now wish that the work will pay it’s dividends on the track.

The team will use the Renault engines for the 2008 season and want to compare their performances with Flavio Briattore’s race cars.

Are the Red Bull racing team expectations too high? We will have an answer during the 2008 season.

(Pictures: The RB4, Red Bull racing.)


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plekanec on a roll.

The Montreal Canadiens visited the New-York Islanders yesterday evening for the third game of a four games road streak. Tomas Plekanec scored 2 goals to give Montreal a 3-1 victory.

Montreal played a near perfect first period as they held the Islanders to a single shot on goaltender Christobal Huet. Tomas Plekanec scored his first goal during the first frame.

The Habs then lowered their intensity level during the second period, allowing the Islanders to knock at the door a couple of times. Huet kept the opponents scoreless with a couple of great saves during the second period. Then during a New-York man-advantage, Plekanec scored his second goal of the game, his 16th of the season. The Islanders have already allowed a league-leading 9 goals to their opponents as they were working on the power play.

Richard Park reduced the Habs lead to a single goal as he pushed a loose puck behind Christobal Huet. Montreal held on to that single goal lead until the final minute. Alex Kovalev registered his 20th goal of the season in an empty net.

A win is a win for Montreal but nobody should be impressed that the team defeated the Islanders. The 109 goals scored by the Isles this far in the season represents the worse offesive production of the league.

Montreal will travel to Atlanta to play the Trashers on thursday and end the four game road trip.

(Picture: Tomas Plekanec, Getty images.)


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The BMW-Sauber F1.08.

(click on images to enlarge.)

The BMW-Sauber team presented on Monday January 14th in Munich, Germany, the new version of their car to the used for the 2008 Formula One championship, the F1.08.

Mario Theissen, BMW’s head manager is very confident that the team will win the first grand prix of it’s short history during the upcoming season. The BMW-Sauber pilots, Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica are also convinced to win at least one race in 2008.

The objective set by Thiessen could be met as the BMW engine is powerful enough to challenge the best engines of the plateau. The team’s mass engine production will allow BMW to offer engines to any team willing to buy as soon as this upcoming season.

The car will keep it’s original white and blue colors and also kept the same sponsors. But as for the aerodynamic features of the car, we don’t see major changes at first look. The aerodynamics could be the weakness of the F1.08. All the other teams have stepped forward in this department and the BMW could lose a little ground against the competiton.

The team has to announce the identity of their third driver as nobody has been hired as third driver during the off-season.

Will the BMW-Sauber team get a first taste at victory in 2008? Outside of the Ferraris and the McLarens, this car could be the one to beat for the middle plateau teams.

(Pictures: BMW-Sauber F1.08, BMW.)


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Discover Yawpbox.com

The entertainment industry is in constant evolution. Every year, we see more different approaches to revolutionize the entertainment business. YawpBox is a brand new way accessible to everyday ordinary people who want to display their talent or any other funny and entertaining piece of video.

So what is Yawpbox all about? In short, it is a website where users who create their own pieces of video have an opportunity to upload it on the site and gather votes to see their work broadcasted on television. The users have two options available for them: First, to create their own original content OR take on the Lex & Terry challenge.

The Lex & Terry challenge consists in fixed topics or challenges sent out to the users. The most entertaining ones will be selected and broadcasted on the Yawpbox TV show.

A few example of some challenges sent to the users of Yawpbox: ''Reenact a favorite movie scene and show us.'', ''The cross dress challenge.'' or ''Make a commercial and let us have a look.''

One of my favorite piece is a movie reenactment sent on Yawpbox from user garyhooker. His take on the blockbuster movie ''A few good mens'' featuring Tom Cruise was renamed ''A few good expenses''. The amateur actor replaces Jack Nicholson and is giving the reply to Tom Cruise's questions. A funny, entertaining and quality piece of acting.

So get your camera rolling and take on the Lex & Terry challenge. Maybe we will be seeing you and your piece of work on TV shortly.

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Australian Open: Day one.

Yes, it is january, but the tennis season has already begun and the ATP tour is presenting the first grand slam tournament of 2008 in Melbourne, Australia.

A surprizing result has already been registered in this tournament as Andy Murray lost his first round match. Facing Jo-Wilfried Tsonga ranked 38th in the world, Murray was left without a solution in front of the opposition offered by Tsonga. Murray was only able to win the third set but it is his young opponent who finally won the match in four sets of 7-5, 6-4, 0-6 and 7-6 (7-5).

Rafael Nadal also had his share of problems as he faced Viktor Troicki, a player issued from the qualifying tournament and ranked 126th in the world. The first two sets were very evenly matched but Nadal and his superior experience managed to win the important points and closed out the match in three sets of 7-6 (7-3), 7-5 and 6-1.

In the other first round matches on the mens side, the world ranking was respected as Andy Roddick, Nikolay Davydenko, Mikhail Youzhny, Tommy Robredo and Richard Gasquet qualified for the second round.

On the womens side of the competition, the defending champion, Serena Williams (7) opened her tournament with a two set victory, 6-3 and 6-3, over the australian Jarmila Gajdosova.

Justine Henin (1) also qualified for the second round as she defeated Aiko Nakamura easily by 6-2 and 6-2.

Maria Sharapova (5) , Elena Dementieva (11), Tatiana Golovin (13), Amelie Mauresmo (18) and Patty Schnyder (15) are all qualified for the second round of the Australian open.

(Picture: Rafael Nadal, Getty images.)


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL Divisional playoffs: Upset sunday!

The teams qualified for NFC and AFC championship games are now known as both teams called as underdogs today, the San Diego Chargers and the New-York Giants, have both won in classic fashion inside a hostile sold out stadium.

First, the San Diego Chargers were in Indianapolis to face the Colts, the defending Super Bowl champions.

A key play for San Diego kept the ball game close on the scoreboard. After a 25 yard touchdown pass from Peyton Manning, the Colts were on their way to a fourteen point lead. Colts star receiver Marvin Harrison fumbled and lost the ball deep in Chargers territory. The following San Diego drive off the turnover tied the game at 7-7. The Colts went on to lead, but only 10-7 at the half.

The Chargers once again turned it on during the 3rd quarter for a second week in a row and scored 14 points on the Colts defense. Philip Rivers hooking up with Chris Chambers and Darren Sproles. The only reply from the Colts in this 3rd quarter came from Reggie Wayne.

in favor of the Chargers after 3 quarters.

Both teams exchanged a touchdown in the fourth quarter, first Anthony Gonzalez, catching a 55 yarder from Peyton Manning. Colts pulling ahead 24-21. But a 1-yard surge from backup quarterback Billy Volek in relief for injured quarterback Philip Rivers tipped the game in favor of the Chargers until the end. A really unexpected unfolding to say the least.

The Super Bowl champions fall to the San Diego Chargers, 28-24. A new Super Bowl champion will be crowned in 3 weeks.

Following this exciting matchup, the New-York Giants were in Dallas to face the Cowboys. Tony Romo and Eli Manning fought in a physical war to qualify for the NFC championship game.

Amani Toomer scored on a 52 yards play to open the score. The Dallas tackling was missing on the play, 7-0 Giants after one quarter.

The second quarter was well balanced, Terrell Owens and Marion Barber on a 1-yard plunge constituted the Dallas reply to the Giants lead. But Amani Toomer once again, catching a 4-yard passing touchdown for the Giants. Eli Manning with 2 touchdown passes in the first half was doing great, keeping away from the costly turnovers. 14-14 at the half. Toomer, the veteran receiver, shining for the Giants in this first half with 2 touchdown passes.

The third quarter was dominated by both defenses, the Cowboys notching a 34-yard field goal to take the 3 point lead in the contest.

The Giants winning drive came during the fourth quarter as Brandon Jacobs finished the job plowing his way for the winning score from 1-yard away. The G-mens defense held Tony Romo and the Cowboys off their end zone, R.W. McQuarters intercepted the last Dallas gasp inside his own endzone during the last minute of the game to seal the deal for the Giants.

The Giants qualifies for the NFC championship game with a 21-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.
Next weekend, the New-York Giants will visit Lambeau field, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers for a place into Super Bowl XLII.

As for the AFC championship game, the cinderella team of those NFL playoffs, the San Diego Chargers will have a shot at the perfect 17-0 New-England Patriots in Foxboro. The winner also qualifies for Super Bowl XLII.

(Pictures: San Diego Chargers, Amani Toomer, Vince Lombardi trophy.)


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